Christmas from God’s Perspective

Have you ever thought about what Christmas is like from God’s perspective? I believe that it will enlighten us if we do. John’s gospel begins with telling us that Jesus (The Word) was with God in the beginning, was God from the beginning and that everything was created through Jesus. So, Jesus is eternal – without beginning and without end.

God finds great joy in revealing his glory. He is infinitely glorious in all that he is and does.  His goal is to give the Universe the opportunity to see who he really is. That was his desire on that first Christmas. Creation itself reveals God’s glory (Rom. 1:20). But Jesus is the radiance of God’s glory and the exact representation of his being (Heb. 1:3). On that first Christmas, Jesus came to dwell among us. For the first time in human history God came and pitched his tent (reminiscent of the Tabernacle) among us to reveal his glory! God was infinitely delighted to reveal his glory in Jesus!

God also finds great joy in reconciling the relationship that he has with people. He is passionate about this, and he finds great delight when we come to know him and our relationship with him is good.  He is glorified every time a sinner repents and every time that his children understand more about him.

Jesus came not only to reveal God to humanity, but to restore the relationship between God and humanity that had been broken by our sin. Luke chapter 15 gives us parables to understand how much joy there is when a lost sheep or a lost coin or a lost son is found. God sent Jesus to restore this relationship. In fact, heaven pauses each time someone repents and receives Jesus and becomes a child of God. The angels celebrate!

So how did God feel about that first Christmas? He was full of joy that Jesus would reveal the glory of God and restore the relationship with humanity! It would be fair to say that God was more excited about that first Christmas than the most excited toddler is about Christmas morning!

If God is that excited about Christmas, we should join him in this! We should look for opportunities to see and to reveal the glory of God. God is passionate about revealing it! We should also be passionate about the relationship between God and people. First, we need to make sure that we have received the forgiveness that Jesus died for on the cross. It is the greatest gift we could ever receive – but we need to trust him and open it by a simple prayer asking him to forgive us and to be the Lord of our life. After that, we should devote ourselves and find great joy in helping others have this relationship. We should make sure that our children and grandchildren know how to pray to receive Jesus. There is nothing more exciting that praying a simple prayer with a child who receives Jesus and the assurance of eternal life! God finds great delight in this, and he has placed each of us in relationships where we have this opportunity to share his joy.  Instead of looking for who needs another present, let’s look for who needs to hear about Jesus from us. God will be glorified and delighted. His joy will be full and so will yours!                     

Have a delightful Christmas! – Pastor Ed